Cloud Integration
With organization moving to cloud applications, integration is a big challenge both with on-premise application and other cloud application. The drawbacks with cloud integration are application connectivity issues, lack of integration strategy governance, performance and latency issues, control and security, and data replication issues. With emphasis on industry-specific solutions that support unique business requirements, Webkrone’s offer sophisticated cloud integration services to help organization achieve an efficient, cost-effective cloud platform. For efficient operation, organizations need a seamless and consistent integration of applications. Webkrone facilitates building an organization integration policy for seamless integration of applications, across the cloud and on-premise. Our cloud integration services connect a variety of deployment options to deliver a truly innovative cloud experience. We help organizations to select the right platform, integrate their solutions and create a unified IT infrastructure.  

Our cloud integration services comprise:
Office 365
Google Apps
SharePoint Application
Open Source Integration
Managed Services on IaaS and PaaS
Private Cloud Plan
On-boarding, Migration and Management services on public clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google, Softlayer and NaviCloud
Multi-Cloud, on premise virtual data center integration