The arrival of cloud has facilitated organizations to overcome limitations in development due to high capital expenditure and on-going support, maintenance and functional costs of in-house hardware systems. The Cloud Hosting services from Webkrone facilitate organizations to achieve significant savings in cost, greater flexibility, enhanced scalability, and business stability with hosted cloud solutions for their entire IT needs. Webkrone provides a wide range of Cloud Hosting services across all private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. This flexibility allows organizations to harmonize their cloud configuration to their application needs, as well as secure private clouds. We also enable the entire span of cloud needs, comprising process design, advisory, implementation, integration and technical design, custom development, on-going management, and migration. This universal approach guarantees that migration to the cloud is easy and harmonious.

Many organizations have developed their businesses on legacy systems and applications, which are incapable of responding effectively to present day business needs. Over the years, these organizations have accumulated legacy systems and applications that function with a mind-set, wherein, they were unable to communicate with each other and did not have the advantages disruptive technologies, such as, Big Data, Cloud, Social, Mobility, and so on. This resulted in disjointed operating environment plagued with incongruent technologies. To surge ahead of competition and meet new business needs, IT infrastructure need to be automated, flexible and scalable, which traditional IT systems do not possess, thus creating a challenging scenario for organization to remain competitive. Webkrone enable organization to take advantage of the ability of software to revolutionize their IT infrastructure to function in harmony, re-imagine legacy business processes, initiate ultimate automation, and be swift via a perfect synthesis of on-premise infrastructure, public, private and hybrid clouds.