Organizations are under pressure to deliver on their fundamental necessities and technology is playing a vital role in facilitating them realize their objectives. Cloud infrastructure improves efficiency and controls the rapidly changing expectations that are faced within the organization. However, data security concerns are not easy and simple, especially with business data moving globally. ‘Cloud computing is a process of enabling scalable, expandable and flexible software services using the Internet technologies.’ It offers self-service abilities to users with scalable features to enhance usage on necessity. Webkrone’s approach to cloud computing is a way to facilitate businesses towards enhanced business agility, efficient resource deployment, and greater levels of IT flexibility, lowering costs with improved productivity, better infrastructure utilization, improved automation and collaboration, increase returns on IT investments. Our cloud hosting capabilities together with our data centers guarantees that data stays secure. Our cloud capabilities offer swift, adaptable and business-enhancement solutions that can help businesses attain quicker time-to-market with easy deployment and management. The various cloud based services we offer are:

Web Based Cloud Computing: Organizations use the functionality provided by the Web services and do not have to develop a full application for their needs.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Organizations can make use of the unrestricted storage potential of the cloud infrastructure without worrying much about dedicated servers on site.

Software as a Service (SaaS): It enables organization to access the functionality of particular software without worrying much about storage or other issues.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): Organizations can run their applications on the cloud service’s platform without worrying much about maintaining hard drives and servers.