Application testing services has its several challenges with regard to the need to test diverse applications with more and more intricate environments that comprise innovative technologies. The aim of application testing is to validate performance quality, lower risks, decrease total cost of application ownership, speedy application deployment, and minimalize defect leakage. Webkrone offers end-to-end application testing services with advanced software, thus helping in alleviating business risks, increasing Return on Investment, meeting compliance requirements, and adhering to industry standards. Highly optimized Application Testing Solutions enhance quality, consistency, and help businesses attain quicker time-to-market.  Webkrone offers fully managed application testing services to clients who wish to setup a wholly outsourced, autonomous testing capability that offers open-ended testing and independent software support services. Webkrone would setup a dedicated testing team to assist specific client testing needs, based on application domain, application system, nature of testing, and longevity. Webkrone offers expertise and know-how delivering end-to-end software testing through the entire span of software development lifecycle right from design through development and roll-out and post-go live scenarios. Our Application Testing Services are designed around evaluating the need for testing, designing and building up of test cases, scheduling test runs, conducting test, monitoring defects, analyzing results and reporting, system performance and process review recommendation.