Businesses need to run faster than ever, in order to remain competitive. Businesses need rapid times-to-market, higher levels of flexibility, and faster returns on investment. They require timely information, to analyze past business performance, forecast probable future outcomes, and lower costs. If legacy technology and the lack of ability to adopt new technology is restricting organization, Webkrone's Application Modernization Services can change business and technical ambience with modernization and application portfolio management services, to enhance flexibility, minimalize disruption, alleviate risk, and decrease costs. We enable you to address issues in the legacy system such as, multiple technology platforms, unsupported systems, lack of integration, shrinking employee expertise, high cost of maintenance, and Web capabilities. Our services enable you to choose from a range of paths comprising Application Modernization Assessment, rationalization, re-engineering, transformation, migration and data migration. Our Application Modernization and Optimization offering helps lowers both IT costs and the risk of an aging workforce by, extending the useful life of legacy applications at a considerably lower cost compared to replacement, swiftly turning-around non-performing systems, and migrating custom-made solutions hosted on retiring platforms to more modern, viable solutions.